Pride of the Pine Belt: LCHS Speech and Debate team

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - "Even though we may be a small school we are mighty," said Laurel Christian High School Speech and Debate coach Anita Boyd.

Laurel Christian High School has less than 200 students, and it has an even smaller speech and debate team , 18 students show their might during very competitive tournaments according to Boyd.

"We've won third place sweepstakes at Ole Miss this year. We've won second place sweepstakes at the district competition last year, and then we won fifth overall at George Mason this year and that was with 1600 students and over 100 schools," said Boyd.

One of the captains of the team, senior, William Wildman has a few accolades of his own to add to the teams achievements.

"Recently, at George Mason University I was first overall out of 1600 kids," said Wildman.

According to Wildman the tournament left a lasting impression.

"They have a college speech and debate team. I auditioned for their team and I made the team. I had dinner with their coach and he offered me a scholarship to do speech there. I do know that I have a place there, and a scholarship waiting for me when I do decide to go," said Boyd.

The team's other captain Erin Morgan is ranked 10th overall in the George Mason tournament and won nationally, the 5th overall title her sophomore year along with Wildman, but she says the awards are not why she enjoys being on the team.

"It instills a confidence in that personality. To know that what you say can mean something. It gives you that next edge in order to communicate with people," said Morgan.

For a team to win so many awards and ranking you have to wonder about preparation, and this team has a unique chants and dances to get them ready.

Boyd says all this is just a warm up that leads to their great work ethic.

"They have worked so hard to be where they are, and I'm so very proud of their accomplishments. Not just their accomplishments but their attitudes. They never quit, they complain very little and they work very hard to perfect their craft,"said Boyd.