Forrest County Board of Supervisors considers leash law

At Thursday's Forrest County Supervisors meeting leash laws were the hot topic.

Proponents for and against Forrest County leash laws were present to voice their opinions.

Those pro-leash laws argued there are too many aggressive dogs in the county; whereas those against were concerned for the freedom of the animals and owners with hunting dogs.

Petal Animal Warden, Janice Pucylowski, said, "Unfortunately you have people in the county who absolutely want to have no accountability.  If you set up a complete and total leash law are you taking away privileges for people who choose to live in the county?   Yeah, I believe that, but I also believe you have to have some accountability."

Mississippi currently follows the "One Bite Rule;"  meaning a dog owner can't be held liable unless his or her dog has bitten someone first.

The board said they would take the public's opinions into consideration to find an appropriate  solution.  Those interested in joining the petition for leash laws in Forrest County can contact Maria Christopher at (601)408-2236.

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