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Tackling allergies with the Neti Pot

For some people, every fall season brings on allergies. From a runny nose to a postnasal drip, the usual solution is to medicate.

But here's something to consider - doctors say a good part of the suffering starts with a collection of pollen and allergens literally in your nose and nasal passages.

So wouldn't it make sense to clean all that out first?

Dr. Tanya Edwards with the Cleveland Clinic says, "The first thing that I recommend that is the most natural for allergies is to wash the allergens out of your nasal passages. And that's done with a neti pot or a nasal saline rinse."

Those are found in most drug stores.

The doctor says all you have to do is mix lukewarm water with salt. Then use the neti pot to pour the solution into your nasal passages.

It may feel weird at first, but once you get the process down, most users say it really makes a difference.

But if that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, Dr. Edwards says you can also try adding an herb called "stinging nettle" to your diet. It has been shown to decrease allergy symptoms.

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