WDAM Viewpoint- Leash laws needed

There have been far too many instances lately of people and animals being badly injured by vicious dogs.  This underscores the need for leash laws in the counties as well as the cities.  People will complain that it could have adverse effects on livestock or hunting dogs.  I'm sure the laws could be written in such a way as to protect those type interests.  But both animals and humans deserve to be protected from vicious dogs and irresponsible owners.

I decided many years ago that, as a dog owner…living in the country…that it was my responsibility to keep my dogs safe by having a fenced in yard.  It also insured that my animals would not endanger anyone else in the neighborhood.  It was good both ways.  Unfortunately, too many people want to let their animals just run wild and either get harmed or cause harm.  We urge the county governments to adopt and enforce leash laws throughout the state.  It would be a win/win situation and save a lot of grief.  I'm Jim Cameron and leash laws make sense to me.  Write and let me know what you think.