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Alzheimer's and the 'Baby Boomers'

We all know Alzheimer's Disease is a tragic epidemic that has no survivors. It has claimed so many lives already.

But what this disease will do in coming decades to the largest aging population in history - the Baby Boomers - may be catastrophic.

Kitty and Bill met as high school seniors. She says they were high school sweethearts.

After school they parted ways, both married and raised families, but after 35 years their paths crossed again.

They married in 2000 and lived their dream together for five years.

Bill was a research scientist working on his doctorate. He'd invented a new delivery system for primatene.

"He was using that to defend his PHD, and he forgot how he did it and we knew something was wrong," said Kitty.

After a series of strange diagnoses, doctors determined he had Alzheimer's.

"The doctor said 'you know there is no cure for this, you're going to die from this but you can live with it and make a difference'," said Kitty.

That's when she turned to the Alzheimer's Association. The group has given her emotional support on every level and resources to cope with each stage as the disease worsens.

Bill sat on the National Alzheimer's Board. His testimony changed how quickly Social Security approves cases like his. He volunteered. He was often seen doing so until recently.

"I had to place Bill in an assisted living facility. That just about killed me, they helped me with that," said Kitty. "We don't pretend anymore that he's gonna get better cause we know he's not. He still knows me...and he knows I'm someone special."

Kitty says Bill had the disease for years before he was diagnosed.

Experts can tell you what signs to look for and help with resources for dealing with Alzheimer's.

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