Pride of the Pine Belt: Long Time Employee "Dubbie" White

Pride of the Pine Belt: Long Time Employee "Dubbie" White
Pride of the Pine Belt: Long Time Employee "Dubbie" White

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - William "Dubbie" White has walked the halls of WDAM for 45 and a half years, and White says the beginning of those years were humble ones.

"I started here as a janitor. That is how you got on down here then to move up," said White.

White went from janitor to camera operator with no background in TV He says everybody just taught each other.

"I ran the camera on "Mccaffrey Show Time". One of the old commercials in the studio was live was Harry Dole Dodge , Mid-South Auto Sales in Collins. They would come down on Wednesday nights when the "Big Valley" was on, and we would run live commercials during that time," said White.

White says he was here for the pivotal moments in TV He says he ran the first color camera here at WDAM in the early 70s, and due to a long election night he will never forget it.

"I had to run that camera for 25 and a half hours until the election was over," said White.

White says those kinds of days, and the days of film and video tape were the good ones. He says when the digital age began he went from being the resident teacher to the new student.

"I don't know nothing about that stuff. I don't know, I think 45 years is long enough," said White.

White says his years at WDAM weren't all work. He says being goofy is must in TV, his antics and kind heart are what makes everybody here love him.

Dubbie sums up his 45 years simply.

"I would say it's been one heck of a ride," said White.