Police seize animals on Covington County property

Covington County police have been given a warrant to seize all animals at a Covington County property.

The warrant was issued after the Humane Society of the United States discovered two horses and three dogs in poor condition on the property. All the animals were malnourished and had no fresh water.

The Southern Pines Animal Shelter will pick up all three dogs. Hub City Horse Haven will take in six horses and one donkey, which were found at the same owner's property across the street.

Officials from the Mississippi Humane Society responded to calls from the community on Wednesday and investigated conditions at the Covington County residence.

A viewer e-mailed WDAM-TV on Wednesday saying there was a "VERY thin gray horse...with chains on its feet," and went on to give out the location. WDAM-TV posted the details on Facebook, and members of the community came together to contact authorities.

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