Old Cotton Gin transformed for local artists

Old Cotton Gin is transformed for local artists
Old Cotton Gin is transformed for local artists

SUMRALL, MS (WDAM) - "I use to say,' what I really wish I had was a big ole metal building with thirty different people doing thirty different things'," said Joyce Hicks part owner of Blooms in Hattiesburg.

Now, Joyce Hicks says the wished-for metal building is real and called.....

"Cotton Ginnovation," said Hicks.

The name plays on the buildings original purpose as a cotton gin, and the innovation they hope to bring to the establishment. Adrienne and Joyce Hicks, owners of Blooms in Hattiesburg, are adding a new twist to this historic monument. It all started with a need from local artists and a lack of space in Blooms.

"80 or 90 percent of what we have in Blooms is based and made in Mississippi," said Adrienne Hicks.

What the hicks have in Blooms is products and art all made by Mississippi artists.

"All the artist that came in we couldn't carry everybody, and it was clear that there was an outlet that there was needed in the area,"said Adrienne Hicks.

So, now Cotton Ginnovations fills the void and exclusively serves to Mississippian art, but Adrienne says it is not just a shop with items for sale.

"There's an education to it. So, the artist that we have the whole goal and the whole purpose is that they are actually demonstrating whatever it is the art form that they actually perform," said Hicks.

The whole idea came off the drawing board on November 5th during Cotton Ginnovations's grand opening where, according to Hicks, 1,000 visitors got a chance to eat syrup fresh from the sugar cane, taste honey straight from the source and got to know the story of each artist.

"It's sort of combining all of those elements to create, I  think, just a really really unique experience," said Hicks.

And a unique experience for all ages according to Hicks.

"It's a moment for people, older people per se to reminisce, and its something for the younger generation to experience for the very first time," said Hicks.

For more information on Cotton Ginnovations, or to contact the Hicks call 601-584-9200.