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WDAM Viewpoint- Farewell to Haley

When Governor Elect Phil Bryant takes the oath of office on January 10th the torch will be passed from 2-term Governor Haley Barbour.  We wish our new governor the best as he takes over as the head of our state.  We hope that he learned well serving as Governor Barbour's Lt. Governor.  As a life long native of Mississippi I have often noted that we often elect governors and then spend the rest of their term low-rating them and wondering why they don't do more.  One reason is because the Mississippi constitution is written to virtually insure a strong Lt. Governor and legislature and a relatively weak governor.  Haley Barbour came in with a wealth of political savvy and experience—much on the national level—and rose above that.  From the stellar job he did in leading Mississippi to a rapid recovery after Hurricane Katrina to the fiscal responsibility he fought for and often prevailed while guiding us masterfully during the most economically challenging times most can remember…Governor Barbour proved himself to be one of the most capable governor's this state has seen.  His name was even bandied about as a possible presidential candidate.  So as he leaves office we salute Governor Haley Barbour and hope the legislature heeds his farewell admonishment to be frugal.  That is always good advice for government from national to state to local.  I'm Jim Cameron with today's viewpoint.  Write and tell us what you think.

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