Laurel Mayor Melvin Mack optimistic about 2012

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Laurel Mayor Melvin Mack says if 2012 is anything like 2011 the city of Laurel will continue to grow.

The Laurel City Council started 2012 off by giving the city administration approval to apply for a $250,000.00 loan to make renovations to its sportsplex.  Mayor Melvin says what better way to start the year off.

"You know in order to progress you must borrow money, we don't have a quarter of a million dollars or a million dollars laying around for recreation."

He says if the loan is approved it will not cost taxpayers a dime but it will bring more money into the city as they prepare to host the 2013 Dixie Youth World Series.

"That is just the beginning," says Mack. "Not only are we hosting the word series but we are getting ready to make a request that this be a permanent site for the world series, it is easily accessible, you know we love baseball and we love softball."

Mayor Mack says he also loves the fact there was not one homicide in the city of Laurel in 2011 and he hopes Police Chief Tyrone Stewart continues to keep crime at an all time low in 2012.

"We have cut way, way back tremendously on crime in Laurel compared to other cities in the state of Mississippi that is the size of Laurel," said Mack.

Mack says in 2012, more dilapidated homes will come down and new homes will go up.

"We have dozens, hundreds of houses that's been built by the Laurel Housing Authority, our interstate makes us look like a metropolitan area, said Mack. We are just hoping that things continue the way that they are."

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