Forrest County holds swearing in ceremony

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - It was swearing in day at the Forrest County Courthouse Tuesday. More than 23 officials took their oath, meaning some have a new job, new business card and you might need to call them a new name.

Burkett Ross has a new position now.

"I am the new District Three Supervisor for Forrest County," said Ross.

Ross takes the place of Lynn Cartilage, and says its an honor to do so.

"Certainly, it is a great opportunity to fill those shows, but it is even more of an honor to have him support me to fill those shoes. I was quite blessed to have him as a friend all my life," said Ross.

Ross says his goal is to keep up the tradition of good work Cartilage left behind.

"If we can continue to do the things that Lynn has done so well for the last 36 years we will certainly do well for the district three people," said Ross.

Brian Freeman also has a new position.

"Superintendent of Forrest County Schools," said Freeman.

But he isn't new to education.

"It's just been a natural progression. I began as a teacher. I worked my way through administration roles as an Assistant Principal , Principal. I was moved to the county office in 2006 as Assistant Superintendent, and so when Mrs. Burt decided to retire I just thought I would give it a shot," said Freeman.

Giving it a shot, but not taking it lightly. Freeman says he is aware of the tenuous state of education funding.

"Education is tough anytime especially now when you start with the roll of accountability. We got to move our children forward, and when you add in the cuts we have had to face the last several years it becomes a much more difficult task," said Freeman.

Freeman added he has some ideas to keep children moving forward.

"I am a real big proponent of trying to look into early education. Especially in maybe a summer role before they enter kindergarten. Maybe have some kind of summer school for in coming kindergarten children to get acclimated to the school setting," said Freeman.

Now, Freeman and these other officials will be adapting to their new settings.

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