Seasonal fireworks set off safety concerns

Handheld fire and late-night revelry - though not an ideal combination - will go hand-in-hand this weekend.

With people heading out to stock up on fireworks for Saturday night, the Hattiesburg Fire Department would like remind everyone this year - like every year - to be cautious when lighting off New Year's fireworks.

Every year at this time they see a bump in injuries and incidents and they'd like to let folks know that bump doesn't have to be there, if you make sure an take the necessary cautions.

When preparing to celebrate New Year's Eve, go through the checklist: Is there a bucket of water nearby? How will you dispose of the dud fireworks? Have the people setting them off been drinking? Are there young kids around?

Geneva Morgan, education officer for the Hattiesburg Fire Department said she almost blew off her right hand with a roman candle as a teenager - it can happen to anyone she said.

"I am living proof of how important it is," Morgan said of practicing firework safety.

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