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Pride of the Pinebelt: Marilyn Laird


Hospice nurse Marilyn Laird is with patients at their most critical times, but she says she wasn't certain in the beginning this would turn into a career.

"I originally entered nursing school with other career ambitions," said Laird.

Laird said family obligations didn't leave much time for other ambitions, so she continued nursing for several years until she was offered a position in Hospice Care, but Laird says something made her hesitant.

"Fear. Fear that I  couldn't measure up or couldn't, ya know, meet the challenges that is required to take care of hospice patients," said Laird.

Those challenges quickly became families Laird says she has grown to love.

"Some of the best friends that I have I've met through my hospice work. It's like iIget to pick up all treasures along the way and keep the,them . . They become part of me," said Laird.

Laird's work doesn't just affect her patients her co-worker, Becky Pardue says she  sees the difference Laird makes also.

"A wonderful team player. She has just been an inspiration to the team. She just keeps us all going," said Pardue.

Pardue says that lively spirit is just one of the reasons Laird received Forrest General's employee of the year. A feat Laird still has a hard time adjusting to .

"Disbelief and I'm pretty much still there," said Laird.

One thing Laird does believe in is her work. She says it doesn't feel like a job and it something she plans to stick with.

"I plan to work at Forrest General Hospice until I retire, whenever that is. I love what I do. I have no plans to do anything else. I  have no reason to do anything different," said Laird.

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