30 minute workout can give you a new body for the new year

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Michelle Banks, personal trainer at One80 Fitness says usually one of the goals people set for themselves for the new year lands them in a gym working on the resolution to get fit.

"They start early actually before the new year hoping to continue at least through the first quarter of the new year, but the thing is they need to set their goals so they are able to maintain their work out fitness schedule through the rest of the year," said Banks.

Banks says making goals sets you up for success and without them you won't make it passed spring.

"Everybody has different fitness levels, so you want to make sure the plan is designed around your goal," said Banks.

Banks says if your new year's resolution is to kick that rear into high gear than the 30 minute circuit workout is the thing for you.

In the 30 minute circuit workout you go through a few steps that works out the entire body. First up toning the upper body. In less than two minutes you'll feel the burn.

"Cardio time for sixty seconds in between your weights. You are going to come to the step follow the green light for sixty seconds. At tempo, "said Banks.

Your next two steps is continuing on your upper body, which banks says the ladies should love.

"And this machine you want to use for that "V" tampered look. That gives you that small waste line," said Banks.

The next few steps were for the lower body, and last but not least is the abs. Banks says working the core is key to building overall strength and getting the figure you want for the new year.

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