Moselle couple loses everything in house fire

Charlie and Jeanette Hathorne survey their destroyed home
Charlie and Jeanette Hathorne survey their destroyed home

MOSELLE, MS (WDAM) - A Moselle husband and wife lost everything in a fire that destroyed their home Thursday morning.

The fire started in the attic after a lightening strike apparently hit their roof after bouncing off a nearby radio tower. Fueled by high winds the fire quickly spread throughout the house.

Charlie and Jeanette Hathorne had lived in the home that he had built for the past 38 years. The couple had been visiting with the sick father of their pastor when they got the call from their son that the house was on fire.

When they arrived home smoke was billowing from the eaves and flames were shooting through the center of the roof. Firefighters did all they could to try and save the home but it was moving to quickly.

The Hathorne's are currently staying with their son in Moselle. They say they do have some insurance and would like to rebuild, but are not sure if they will be able to.

"We are going to collect our money and get it all back together and see if we can build back," said Charlie Hathorne. "I've got some good neighbors here and they will pitch in and help me to build back."

Donations of usable items for the couple are being accepted at First Assembly of God Church in Ellisville and Mak's Convenience Store in Eastabuchie. Call the church at 601-763-7060 for more information.

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