Sixteen dogs rescued from abandoned home in Sharon Community

Rescuers working to save abandoned dogs
Rescuers working to save abandoned dogs

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Sixteen dogs were rescued by the Humane Society from an abandoned home in the Sharon Community.

The dogs were found in a home on Ten Acre Road after several complaints from residents in the neighborhood. Representatives from the Humane Society and the Southern Pines Animal Shelter went to the home Friday. They were able to coax 13 of the dogs out of the home through a doggie door.

All the dogs were taken to the vet for treatment and then to the shelter.

They returned to the home Monday with the Jones County Sheriff's Department and a search warrant. Upon entering the home they found three more dogs alive, but also found five deceased animals.

Katherine Sammons from the shelter said the conditions inside the home were the worst she has ever seen.

"It was just horrible. There was feces all over the place. You could not even see the floor," said Sammons. "All the furniture was ripped up from where the animals had crawled in the furniture. We found deceased animals from ones who had already turned into skeletons to ones who died recently."

An investigation is currently under way for hoarding. Once the investigation is complete all of the animals will be available for adoption at the shelter.

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