Purvis High School Senior starts foundation

PURVIS, MS (WDAM) - "I don't like to not accomplish my goals," said Purvis High School Senior Bailee Alexander.

Alexander is one driven teenager.

"I'm in student council. I'm the student body president, and I'm the senior class secretary. I'm in FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes . I'm in the science club," said Alexander.

Now, she can add founder of the Lionheart Foundation to her list.

"It benefits pediatric cancer patients financially. And it also raises money for pediatric cancer research," said Alexander.

Alexander documented the process of starting the foundation for her senior project, but the reason she started it is much deeper than a grade.

Reed and Christian Magee are the children of a couple close to Alexander's family. According to Alexander, Reed died of a cancerous brain tumor this year at the age of five, and not long after her passing her brother was diagnosed with liver cancer.

"That is really what got me involved. I just kept wanting to know more and more about it, and wanting to help out. When I found out that they were wanting to start a foundation I knew that this was a way I could step in a really help, because they were having to deal with more important things," said Alexander.

In September, Alexander went to a lawyer to go through the proper procedures to start the foundation, and it is now being finalized through the state.

"We have gotten many donations already. So, it is starting off very well and hopefully it will continue," said Alexander.

Alexander added the idea for the Lionheart Foundation may have been inspired by Reed's death, but Christian's life keeps her going.

"He is doing very good. He finished his last round of chemo in November, so hopefully he is going to be ok," said Alexander.

Alexander says she has received many thanks from the Magee family, but she says she is the one who is grateful to them. She says the Magee's story has set her on a path she believe she is meant for.

"I actually want to go into Pediatric Oncology," said Alexander.