Electronics are the hot item for holiday gifts

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Gadgets, gizmos, and widgets. Whatever you like to call them, according to Techbargains.com electronics like the Nook, I-pad and Kindle are dominating people's holiday gift budgets.

Target cashier, Jason Ivy says its all about buying the hottest item.

"It's kind of like you gotta have the best toy you know," said Ivy.

And the best is being purchased by those who typically do most of the shopping.

"There has been a greater number of women buying electronics to be sure," said Ivy.

Techbargains.com says 39% of women will spend half of their holiday budget on consumer electronics, and only 37% of men.

"According to Techbargains.com not only will women be the leading consumers of electronics this holiday season , but the Kindle Fire is on the top of their list.

"I am receiving it today in the mail. I already have the nook. I love it. That is what got me to buy this one right here the Kindle Fire," said Melissa Henley.

According to Ivy the Kindle Fire is on fire, because they can't keep them on the shelves.

"Oh yes, especially the Kindle Fire. We can't keep 'em in the case. Yes, we are currently sold out," said Ivy.

Which was a disappointment for one customer.

"If they weren't out of the Kindel Fire I would buy one today," said Jennifer Parsons.

But tablets, like the Kindle Fire and Nook, isn't sparking an interest with everyone.

"Actually I have been an Apple fan for quite a while and I have an I-pad 2,  and it is much more functional for me. I can still read on my Apple products. I have no need for a Kindle," said Michael Dickerson.

So, if you haven't decided on your holiday gifts yet maybe these devices will be just what you need to stuff the stockings this year.