Ingalls to layoff 500 non-union workers

Ingalls shipyard in Pascagoula, MS
Ingalls shipyard in Pascagoula, MS

PASCAGOULA, MS (WDAM) - Ingalls Shipyard in Pascagoula will layoff 500 non-union workers by the end of 2012.  Friday, Ingalls offered "a voluntary reduction-in-force offer to all non-represented Ingalls Shipbuilding employees."

The news comes one day after union workers approved a new three-year contract for pay and benefits. The reduction in force does not impact union workers.

In a statement from Ingalls, the company said the cuts were necessary due to increased cost pressures associated with anticipated declining budgets.

"We must reduce our indirect budgets to remain competitive in an increasingly challenging marketplace. This is an unfortunate but necessary step in order to meet these financial objectives."

Ingalls officials say some workers will be off the job as early as February or March.  The company's goal is to reach the 500 mark in staff reduction by the end of 2012.