Marion County celebrates 200 years

A banner proclaims the sponsors of the event.
A banner proclaims the sponsors of the event.

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - According to Judy Griffith, Manager of Main Street Columbia, it seems there is a history lesson at every corner in Columbia.

"Columbia was the state capital in 1821 during that legislative session," said Griffith.

Thursday and Friday night the city will celebrate 200 years of history and dress the part.

"This is our 18th year to do "Candle Light Carols and Clause" and the lighting of the tree," said Griffith.

According to Carolyn Burton, of Marion County Development Partnership, the events will kick off with a Christmas parade in downtown Columbia Thursday,  and Friday night the city will revisit the past at one of its most historical markers.

"We will go around to the courthouse everyone will gather. We have some character citizens from long along ago that will be portrayed," said Burton.

"Jefferson Middle School gifted class will have student stationed all down main street and they will be giving  the history of the buildings, and they will be dressed in period clothing," said Griffith.

Randy Davis, member of the Marion County Historical Society, says Columbia holds not only pastimes relevant to residents, but a little U.S. history also.

"We had 5,000 union people here at one time. Union solders and officers who came through Columbia," said Davis.

And some history that is just for us Mississippians.

"Yes, Columbia is the fourth oldest city in the state," said Davis.

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