HHDA promotes "Shift your Shopping"

Bianchi's Pizzeria in downtown Hattiesburg
Bianchi's Pizzeria in downtown Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Historic Hattiesburg Downtown Association is requesting shoppers choose to spend their money downtown instead of going to big corporations to help have a greater economic impact for local businesses.

On Nov. 10, the HHDA kicked off its "Shift Your Shopping" campaign. The campaign is a joint effort among local independent businesses in Hattiesburg's central business district and is even part of a nation wide effort to promote local businesses.

According to HHDA representatives, downtown Hattiesburg offers a wide array of retail, dining, and entertainment.

"It's a nation-wide campaign to get people to shop locally," said Jacque Pace, director of the HHDA, "so our downtown Hattiesburg is just packed with great shops decorated for the holidays."

HHDA officials said promotions and special holiday deals are available in almost every store.

Joel Edwards, general manager of Brownstone's restaurant said, "To just see the growth whether it be purchased property, buildings being re-done - it's just amazing how much it has grown, and we have so much coming. Individuals spending their money downtown putting their money where their mouth is. There's just so much down here"

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