Federal judge rules on HHS star guard Tiaria Griffin

Tiara Griffin playing basketball at HHS
Tiara Griffin playing basketball at HHS

A federal judge ruled today that Hattiesburg High did not have an injunction allowing star guard Tiaria Griffin to play, but rather a temporary restraining order that expired on Oct. 10 of this year.

In addition, the ruling, which was emailed to attorneys for both the Mississippi Activities Association and Griffin and her mother, states the state court gave up its jurisdiction to "issue any orders or rulings, or hold any proceedings after removal" to the Federal court.

Hattiesburg High school argued Tiaria was under the protection of an injunction, which allowed her to play. But attorneys for the MSHAA and its attorneys argued what they had was rather an expired temporary restraining order.

Griffin and her mother still have a lawsuit against the MSHAA pending in the Federal court, but as for now, the Hattiesburg High varsity girls basketball team remains suspended for the remainder of the season for allowing Griffin, ruled ineligible by the MSHAA, to play.

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