Federal ruling on HHS, Tiaria Griffin expected today or tomorrow

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - In speaking with WDAM, Mississippi High School Activities Executive Director Don Hinton says the association has "filed with the Federal court to give us a ruling," on the injunction that protects Hattiesburg High transfer guard Tiaria Griffin to play.

The association filed with the Federal court sometime Monday afternoon, and says they expect a ruling either Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.

Hinton said that the attorney representing both Griffin and her mother spoke with the judge presiding over the case this morning.

After the MSHAA declared Griffin ineligible before the start of the season, her mother filed a lawsuit against the MSHAA with the state court. The state court entered an injunction that stated Tiaria was allowed to play, and later handed the case over to Federal court.

Hinton and his attorneys argue that Hattiesburg High and its attorneys mistook a state-issued court injunction for a temporary restraining order, which the MSHAA's attorney Jarad Garner argues expired ten days after being issued.

"It's been misunderstood as to where this case is," said Hinton, "(Hattiesburg High) has been saying they have a document from the state court."

As far as the Hattiesburg High varsity girls basketball team, they are suspended for the remainder of the regular season. Whether that changes based on the outcome of the case in Federal court remains to be seen.

"They are suspended for the remainder of this season at this time," Hinton said, "and I can't comment any further than that."

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