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Botox...for your armpits?

Excessive sweating now has an unlikely cure - Botox.

In 2002, Botox was introduced as a solution to hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration). The treatment has flown under the radar but is now gaining in popularity.

At Bangz Hair Salon, Renee Reitzel, an RN and injection specialist, has performed the procedure for dozens of heavy sweaters. She says within three to five days after the Botox injection, clients see a dramatic difference in their perspiration.

Renee first marks out the points around the armpit that a client identifies as "hot spots." She then injects a small amount of Botox into the area. The process takes about ten minutes and costs $600 or more dollars.

Clients usually do not have to re-inject for six months to one year.

"It goes from something they think about every day, to something they don't think about at all," said Renee.

Recently, she treated one of the salon's stylists, Amy Jerrard. Amy experienced excessive sweating whenever she was around her hot instruments and whenever she had a rush of emotion.

Being so close to her clients, and standing in a mirror reflection all day, Amy found herself embarrassed about lifting up her arms, which seemed essential to doing her job. Amy was also nervous about wearing certain clothes and colors.

"In the mirror you're just like, 'Ok, sweat pits,'" said Amy. "You sort of learn how to hide it."

After getting the Botox injection, Amy now sweats just like anyone else and no longer feels worried about raising her arms.

She says the cost of the procedure was worth every penny and she plans to do it again when and if her sweating comes back.

The Botox injection can also be performed by participating dermatologists. In certain cases, insurance may cover the cost because the treatment is considered therapeutic.

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