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Kids getting high on nutmeg

Believe it or not, kids are now raiding the spice rack to get high. They're looking for nutmeg - an item found in many kitchens.

Ann Slattery is a supervisor for the Regional Poison Control Center at Children's Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. She says getting high on the spice is an old idea.

"It's been reported to be a narcotic hallucinogenic for years," says Slattery.

The new twist comes in the form of videos seen on YouTube that shows teens consuming large amounts.

"I do believe that increased access to information via the internet has caused an increase in abuse of over-the-counter, non-pharmaceutical items," says Slattery.

Online we found out that young people drink it, eat it, snort it or smoke it - apparently the volatile oil can enter the central nervous system causing hallucinations. The effects can start within minutes and last for several days.

"It does cause heart palpitations, it does cause a drop in your blood pressure. It also can cause nausea and vomiting and can cause severe epigastric pain. And it has been known to result in comas," says Slattery.

And the end result can be fatal. "There has been a report of a death, an 8 year old child after exposure to nutmeg."

A tough price to pay for a homemade high.

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