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New weight loss procedure

It's called gastric plication, but simply put, it's a surgery that reduces the size of your stomach and limits your food intake.

The surgery is being offered as part of a clinical trial at the Cleveland Clinic. This surgery does not, like most stomach reducing surgeries, involve cutting out part of your stomach.

"We're folding the stomach inside itself - with that method, we can actually reduce volume by more than two thirds," says Dr. Philip Schauer.

And since your stomach holds less, you'll eat less.

The surgery involves five or six small incisions and is performed using a video camera. It's minimally invasive, so it requires only a one or two day hospital stay.

"Obviously, the key for long term health is diet and exercise, but for some people in life threatening situations this could be the best get started option," adds Dr. Schauer.

That includes diabetics and people with high blood pressure or cholesterol, and because the stomach is stitched, Schauer says you have post surgery options. "Should there be a need in the future to reacquire that stomach capacity, a fairly simple procedure could be performed to cut the sutures and unfold the stomach."

The clinic reports that patients can expect to lose forty to seventy percent of excess weight in the first year.

For more information on the procedure, click here.

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