"Q" and "U" tie the know at Sacred Heart Elementary

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The letters "Q" and "U" were united in matrimony Thursday afternoon at the Sacred heart Elementary School in Hattiesburg.

Two first graders played the parts of the letters with fellow classmates acting as flower girls, ring bearers, and attendants. Students from the first and second graders lined the hallway to take in the ceremony. Deacon Warren Goff from Sacred Heart joined the two letters in the ceremony.

First grade teacher Tiffany Bradford says the idea to wed the two letters came from a book called The Wedding of "Q" and U" by Maureen Keegan. She says it's a fun way to show the students the letters are always together.

"It's effective, it usually helps them with their writing," said Bradford. "They remember that when they here the "qu" sound it's always together and they remember to put them together.

Fellow students blew bubbles as "Q" and "U" went off to unite happily ever after.

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