Hattiesburg woman punches cop after car burns at McDonald's drive-thru

HATTIESBURG , MS (WDAM) - A woman pulling through a McDonald's drive-thru around noon on Tuesday was informed her car was in flames and later allegedly assaulted a police officer at the scene.

The employee working at the window of the Hwy 49 location told the woman her car was smoking and that it may be on fire. The driver quickly pulled away from the window and parked the burning car.

Staff then called the Hattiesburg Fire Department. Witnesses said the driver returned to the window while the car was burning, retrieved her food, and ate it at the scene while waiting for emergency personnel to arrive.

Firefighters extinguished the fully engulfed car minutes later. As fire officials were completing their report of the incident, the driver attempted to leave the property after she and her friend removed the car tag from the burned chassis.

Fire officials then called Hattiesburg police to the scene. When an officer attempted to escort the driver back to the presence of firefighters for questioning, she allegedly resisted and punched him. She was then arrested on four misdemeanor counts including public profanity, resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer and disorderly conduct.

An investigation is ongoing.

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