HHS JROTC Cadet honored by Mississippi Vietnam Veterans

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A Hattiesburg High School ROTC Cadet was honored Tuesday for outstanding achievement.

Cadet Major Jasmine Martin was presented the JROTC Cadet Medal in a ceremony at the High School by the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 1018, out of Carnes, Mississippi. Martin was recognized for her outstanding achievements as a JROTC Cadet. The award is given out each year to top students in the JROTC program.

What put Martin over the top for the award was a photograph of her from September 12th 2001 when she was six years old  that showed her holding an American Flag and she appeared to be saluting. The photo was picked up by news organizations across the country. Martin said at the time her father was stationed in Iraq and she was helping her mother decorate the front yard with the flags. As for the salute, she said she was trying to get the sun out of her eyes.

Martin says she intends on having a career in the military upon graduating from High School. She is unsure if she will go to college first or join the military and then go to college.

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