Hattiesburg woman charged with stealing dozens of clothing items

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - With the holiday season around the corner, shoplifting is on the rise. A Pine Belt woman is facing felony charges and possible trespassing for being caught in the act.

Friday, the woman who claimed to have a medical condition attempted to exit Turtle Creek Mall with six stolen sweaters, eleven jackets, two dress sets, thirty seven shirts, ten girls clothing sets, nine overalls, and nine dresses. Employees spotted the woman, and called Hattiesburg police.

"It's a situation that goes on with any retail environment you have. We're not a real big shoplifting area around here." said mall general manager Bryan LaBlanc. "I feel we do a good job I feel like keeping our customers safe and retailers safe along with the HPD. So we do a good job to curb it. Unfortunately it's just a part of the environment that we're in."

The woman's charges are pending.

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