"Pharm Parties" are new drug trend

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - It's a dangerous game that authorities are seeing a growth in popularity.

"Pharm parties" consists of groups of people gathering to mix and mesh random pills;  ingesting handfuls at a time. In light of three recent deaths of Columbia residents,  sources close to the investigation suspect that prescription drug overdose to be the killer.

It's a dangerous life and death game that has Marion county and Columbia authorities concerned. What's called "pharm parties" are emerging as a new drug trend.  Pharmaceutical..or pharm parties are gaining popularity in Marion County.

Pharm parties consists of groups of people getting together and mixing bowls of pills containing anything from Loratab to Aspirin....and injesting handfuls at a time.  Police Chief of Columbia, Jim Kinslow says, "our prescription drug problem is extremely bad.  That's one of our biggest problems."

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