Could garbage rates go up?

(WDAM) - "That is Advance Disposal, owner of Sumrall Recycling. They were notified that they were not in compliance a couple of weeks ago," said Executive Director of the Pine Belt Regional Solid Waste Management Authority, Tony Harrison.

Harrison says Advance Disposal is just one of three private haulers who have been in violation of flow control ordinances. Harrison says BFI and Waste Management plead no contest in municipal court and were fined.

"They are actually taking it to their own, uh, to waste management transfer station. Specifically out on Highway 98 which is in Lamar County," said Harrison.

Harrison says when haulers who are members of the Pine Belt Regional Solid Waste Management Authority take their tons anywhere else they are trying to lower cost.

"That helps them internalize that volume into their facilities driving down their over all cost per ton," said Harrison.

Harrison says when haulers do this it takes away tons from the waste management authority, which takes away revenue. With the loss of revenue comes high rates, which is an outcome Harrison doesn't want.

"We have not had a rate increase in six years. The year prior to that year we actually went down," said Harrison.

Another possibility which could increase garbage rates is recycling. Harrison says recycling could take tons away from the facility;however, Harrison says right now he can't see a recycling program for Hattiesburg having a negative impact.

"We don't anticipate it having a real large impact on our tonnage. I really don't," said Harrison.

Harrison says while they wait to see the impact of recycling, Advance Disposal has received notices of their violation, and Harrison says they have begun to comply to the flow control ordinance.