Made in Mississippi: Flathau's Fine Foods

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - It all started with Heather Flathau's love for candy and her husband Jeff's family recipe for shortbread cookies, 18 years later, Flathau's Fine Foods bakes sweet satisfaction for folk's world wide.

Jeff Flathau said, "I came home one day and she was smashing peppermint candies in the driveway with the plastic bag. That's where the recipe started."

"The idea was trying to get the most flavor in a bite," said Heather Flathau.

The Peppermint Snaps started it all but today, there are six flavors for cookie lovers to choose from, sold in gourmet food stores.

"We have key lime, which is the number one seller, lemon, raspberry, butterscotch, peppermint and cinnamon."

Every flavor is prepared and packaged in Petal, then sold worldwide.

Jeff Flathau said, "We start by making a shortbread cookie, crushing the candy, infusing it into the dough, then it goes through our machine and it's baked. Then the outside is covered in powdered sugar with some of the remnants of the crushed candy powder."

Guadeloupe Perez has baked countless batches, about a 1,000 lbs. each day.

Perez said, "I am very proud to work here. I come in every morning happy because I know I am going to do something good, I know that everybody is going to like it."

Snaps have become so popular, Heather and Jeff recently launched a similar brand of  cookies  called Matty's Sweet Shop.

"It's an all natural shortbread that has no preservatives, made with butter and all natural wheat flour. It's becoming a great seller across the nation."

Perez said, "Shortbread is so good."

The Matty's Sweet Shop is sold to local grocery stores here in Mississippi and across the East coast.

Flathau's Fine Foods shows it doesn't take a lot of hands to create tons of flavor in just one bite.

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