Officials now say recycling won't cost citizens

HATTIESBURG,MS (WDAM) -  "The council feels very strongly. We are unanimous in our agreement that this needs to happen. It needs to happen now. It could never happen probably at these rates, at this price every again," said Hattiesburg City Council President, Kim Bradley.

According to Bradley what needs to happen now is a recycling program for the city, and the charge to the citizens won't cost a dime.

Bradley says most citizens felt the $1.74 fee seemed forced on them, or even a burden. Bradley feels that with no cost to the residents the program can be implemented the right way.

"There did not need to be anyone talking it down or putting it down. It all needed to be positive. This way it is all positive, because there is nothing negative that you can say about it. You can choose to participate or not participate," said Bradley.

Bradley added between the rebate from Advanced Disposal and the savings from the fees the city pays to the Pine Belt Waste Authority, the city will be able to handle the program.

"We feel very strongly that we will be very very close. There might cost the fund, the sanitation fund, a little money but if it does I still think we are doing the right thing," said Bradley.

Bradley says the council will vote on the recycling program Tuesday, and he says he is more than hopeful the plan will kick off January 1st 2012.

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