Barbour says robocalls using his voice are misleading voters

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Governor Haley Barbour has reacted to some automated phone calls which have been using some of his public comments on Initiative 26 to ask voters to reject that amendment in next Tuesday's election. The robocalls have been sent out by an organization called, Mississippians for Healthy Families.

During the message, Barbour is heard expressing reservations about the initiative, which says that life begins at conception.

Despite his concerns, Barbour said he voted for the initiative Thursday, as he cast his absentee ballot.

"Unfortunately, this personhood amendment says that life begins at fertilization, or cloning or the functional equivalent thereof. That ambiguity concerns me, I have to just say it," Barbour is heard to say in the message.

It's followed by another voice asking that voters say no to Initiative 26 on Tuesday and ends by identifying Mississippians for Healthy Families as the organization which paid for the call.

Barbour commented on the calls as he campaigned for Republican candidates in Hattiesburg Friday.

"I ended up making the decision that the right thing to do was to vote for it, so people who are making robocalls or TV spots or radio spots are purposefully misleading the voters," Barbour said.

Friday afternoon, Governor Barbour's office issued an additional statement saying that he had demanded the calls be stopped. The statement says that those repsonsible have assured the governor that no further calls will be made.

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