Initiative #26 Personhood

At what point do you declare life?  It's a heated question that Mississippians will have to answer on November 8th.  If Initiative #26...better known as the personhood amendment...passes it would changed the language in the state constitution to declare life beginning at the moment of fertilization.  Campaigns like "Yes on 26" are protesting throughout the state to put an end to abortions while opponents such as "Vote no on 26" are campaigning against the initiative.  Rina Jones says that "it takes away from you being in control of your body.  The thing is..the thing that makes me upset is that they are legislating a women's reproductive organs without looking at the male perspective."  Pro-life Danny Guairdo says that "You know murder is  murder.  What about the women in the womb who are being murdered?  If there was 53 million babies murdered in American since Rowe vs. Wade I'm sure at least half of them were women."