Hattiesburg resident tired of neglected homes in the community

HATTIESBURG,MS (WDAM) -  Reverend Perry Wade has lived on West 4th street in Hattiesburg for over twenty years, and in that time he says he has watch his community change for the worse.

"Instead of the place developing it has gone down into a disaster area," said Wade.

Wade says part of the disaster sits beside his home. He spoke to us in 2007 about this dilapidated house, after the Hattiesburg City Council held a public hearing warning owners of homes like this to fix it or risk losing it.

The neglected house is still in the same condition now as it was in 2007. The shattered windows, boards, and tattered blue tarp roof are still there. Wade says once he saw no changes he tried to move away from the area.

"I had did it before trying to sale my house. The appraiser said I didn't get much. I said why. He said look around you," said Wade.

Wade said things got so bad he had issues with drug dealers, and people sleeping inside the home. That's when he said he called police.

"We have called the police several times that house has gathered drug addicts, dope addicts all type of people have come into that house and slept in there. I called the police myself about it and nobody did nothing," said Wade.

Wade says this house is not the only problem. There are other ruined houses by his home. Wade says he sees only one solution for all the houses.

"I would like to see the city to tear it down," said Wade.

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