Authorities say three of four escaped juveniles captured

UPDATE: Officials tell 7 on your Side that they now have three of the juveniles in custody but are still searching for one more.

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Forrest County authorities are looking for four teens who overpowered a guard Sunday and escaped from the Juvenile Detention Center in Hattiesburg.

Forrest County Sheriff Billy McGee says it happened when one guard went to the restroom, and the other guard let two of the inmates out of their cells to get cleaning supplies.

McGee says the guard then left the inmates and went back to the control room, but did not lock or secure the door of the room. According to McGee once the inmates got the supplies the two realized the door was unlocked, and rushed the guard and beat him up.

McGee says the two inmates opened other cell blocks and let two teens out. The sheriff says the four escaped out of the back door of the facility and scaled the fence. Law enforcement agencies have been looking for the escapees ever since.

McGee said the guard was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Sheriff McGee says he wants to make it clear the inmates escaping was not a cause of structure problems or not having enough personnel, it was a matter of not following proper procedure.

"We had one individual who went to the restroom. The other individual should not have opened a secured area in the day room to allow these two people out until the control room was secured. When the kids came back from getting the cleaning supplies they noticed the door was opened, and rushed and took control of the control room. So, that is the problem it is just a matter of following the S.O.P that has been set out for the day to day operation of the work center," said McGee.

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