Southern Miss student determined to attend every football game

HATTIESBURG,MS (WDAM) -  James Bueno Da Silva is a second generation Golden Eagle. His family's black and gold alma mater is the reason he says he has such pride for the institution.

His admiration for the Southern Miss football team is even deeper.

"When I got here last spring, I  was waiting anxious for a college football game, an American college football game. I came to all the home games it was awesome I loved it. I just felt I could do more," said Da Silva.

Da Silva is not just doing more. His doing it all. Da Silva set a goal to go to every Southern Miss football game no matter what.

"Even though it's the worse year for someone to do that, cause they are all so far away. I just put my foot down and said I'm going to try to whatever it costs," said Da Silva.

Whatever the cost, and distance. Da Silva has driven to all the games. He says the first game was the most exciting.

"I got a last minute call 11:30 at night. Friday before the game we decided to go. My friend picked me up in half an hour. We drove 12 hours straight got there and hour before the game," said Da Silva.

Da Silva added 12 hours isn't his longest road trip.

"Virginia. So, it took a total of 20 hours," said Da Silva.

His determination doesn't end there. Da Silva taught himself how to sew, and made a flag honoring Southern Miss.

"I learned how to sew. I painted it and had some friends help me out with painting. The flag is 23 feet squared. I can put at least a 100, a 120 students under it holding the flag during the game," said Da Silva.

This incredible display of school spirit caught the attention of Senior Associate Athletic Director, Jeff Hammond.

"What James is he is what we are here at Southern Miss. He is bold, creative he is determined," said Hammond.

Hammond is also a former USM quarterback, which begs the question: Who has more school spirit?

"I don't know if he has more spirit than me. He is certainly more determined to go a long way, but I will take him on one on one. I'll take him on to see who has more spirit," said Hammond.

Da Silva is taking his black and gold devotion to UTEP this Saturday.

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