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Staying safe at the ATM

ATM's make banking convenient - but what about safe? If you think using the drive-thru ATM is less risky than standing at one, think again.

The victim was too upset to talk to us on camera, but said she thought drive-thru ATM's were safer than others - until she was robbed at one. The robbery was caught on multiple cameras.

Police said a male suspect struck a woman's hand after she withdrew cash from a drive-thru ATM.

Janice Halsey has used the same machine before. "It just gives you a creepy feeling. "She said she never comes to the ATM at night.  However, she has also felt afraid during the day. "It's kind of secluded."

Police believe the suspect probably watched his victim pull up to the ATM, then waited until he saw her cash come out.

A long line of customers at the ATM now share concerns in addition to their choice of bank.

"Normally, it's pretty safe," said Moss.  "But I'm always cautious about going to any ATM."

"I go to the department stores or drug stores that allow you to get cash back from your debit card," said Halsey.

The woman who was robbed said the crime left her extremely shaken and unsure about whether she will ever use an ATM again.

Safety experts say always be aware of your surroundings at an ATM, especially between dusk and dawn. If you notice something suspicious like a security light out or people loitering around, consider going back later, or going to an ATM at a convenience store or supermarket. And always, make sure your doors are locked and your passenger windows are up.

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