WDAM Guest Editorial - Proposition 27 (10/27/11)

This is why I believe the voter's ID should be defeated. There is no documented proof there is any widespread voter fraud taking place in Mississippi at this time.  I believe this proposal is orchestrated by a few self-serving individuals, whose sole purpose is to attempt to discourage as many people as possible from casting a ballot.

This takes my mind back more than 50 years in the Mississippi Delta where I was born and raised. When I first attempted to register to vote, there was a young man asking me questions about the constitution, who did not read as well as I did.

I am sure there are many my age and older who would be intimidated to the point that they may just stay home and not vote at all. There are those who may have a minor infraction with the law. If they are not well informed, that may feel they are not eligible to vote.

I have talked with some young folks who feel they cannot vote because of unpaid traffic violations, no other offense.

I am not suggesting that there is absolutely, not one case of voter fraud. However, there is fraud in the government and almost every profession in this nation.

When it is found, the proper authorities deal with it, which is what should happen if voter fraud is found. I believe that it is imperative, that the information be given, and people be allowed to make mistakes.

Whether it be intentional or oversight, with the not so long ago unjust history in the state of Mississippi especially where African American are concerned it should be easy to see why we have such a deep rooted suspicion.