Family barely escapes burning home

The following is a press release from Linda Cranford, Jones County Fire Council PIO

A family living at 263 Sellers Road in Moselle barely escaped there burning home late Monday night, October 24.

Just before midnight fire units from Moselle, Union, Ovett and Johnson were dispatched to the resident of the Woolhiser family and when arriving on scene found a 24 x 80 doublewide mobile home totally engulfed in flames.

James and Catrina Woolhiser and their daughter Samantha had just gone to bed when Catrina, who had not fallen asleep yet, heard a strange noise coming from the front porch of the home.  When she went to the front door to investigate the noise the porch and the front of the home was on fire.  She awakened her sleeping husband and daughter, grabbed the keys to the vehicles, which were parked out front near the porch and all three ran out the back door.  By the time Catrina returned inside to grab a box containing their important documents, heavy smoke had already spread throughout the home and the fire was ranging through the center of the home.  They were able to move two vehicles away from the burning structure, but had left the keys to Mr. Woolhiser's Forest County Deputy's patrol car inside.  Firefighters kept a steady flow of water on the vehicle until a wrecker could arrive on scene to pull it away from the burning structure.

Standing in the brisk cold temperatures of the early morning hours with only a long robe on, Catrina Woolhiser looked at the smoldering remains of her home and exclaimed, "I'm just thankful that we all got out."

FOMA (Fisher of Men in Action) from Magnolia Baptist Church responded to the scene to provided snacks and hydration while fire units remained on scene conducting salvage and overhaul operations for almost four hours.

Jones County Fire Coordinator Dan McKenna responded to the scene along with Jones County Sheriff's Department Fire Investigator Scott Gable.  Gable says the fire is suspicious in nature and under investigation.