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The pros and cons of weight loss supplements

Americans spend billions of dollars every year on fat-burning pills… more than on any other weight-loss product. Our fitness expert, Basheerah Ahmad, wants us to know the pluses and minuses of fat burners, to better arm us in the battle of the bulge.

"There are several benefits to taking fat burners," she says. "Number one being it can increase your metabolism. So what that means is, while you're exercising, your body will actually burn more calories. It also increases energy, so you have more energy to get you through the activity as well. And number three, fat burners can help you suppress your appetite."

But there are also several negative side effects to taking fat burners. Fat burners can elevate heart rate and blood pressure. Also, the body can quickly become immune to the fat burner and your metabolism can actually slow down. And you probably didn't know this one: Fat burners can have a negative effect on mental and emotional health. So have you wondered where that mood swing was coming from?

Now don't think that the only way to burn more calories is to take a little pill. Mother Nature has provided us with many healthy foods that can also help increase our calorie burning potential. One of these is eggs. Not the whole egg, but egg whites, Granny Smith green apples, grapefruit, raw almonds, and believe it or not, even iceberg lettuce.

There's no magic pill or powder or drink for weight loss. If you want the results, you've got to put in the work.

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