Hattiesburg Public School District kicks security up a notch

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - In addition to a good education, safety is at the top of Hattiesburg Public School Official's list. The District is enhancing security camera systems at a few of it's schools.

Security cameras are already scattered in and out of some Hattiesburg Public Schools but the School Board voted to upgrade the system and add another 70 surveillance cameras at Hattiesburg High School, N.R. Burger Middle and Mary Bethune Alternative.

The upgrade will cost the District about $70,000.

Hattiesburg High School Principal Robert Sanders said, "It's good to know that there is an eye there that can capture what you need, to help you determine what happened and move forward. Cameras are just about safety. It is important in a school this size, in any school you want to make sure that people are safe and cameras just assist with that. Of course, they can never replace personnel but they do assist us with making sure that we have a safe and orderly environment."

Installations should be complete within the next few weeks.