Viewpoint: Personhood

In our last Viewpoint we went over the Initiative on Eminent Domain that will be on the November ballot.  There will be two more Initiatives to vote on and this time we will discuss the Personhood Initiative.  Again, we are not taking positions on how you should vote on these issues.  Our purpose is to make you aware, encourage you to study the issues further and be prepared to cast an informed ballot.

Mississippi is a small state that rarely has the opportunity to be the center of attention on a national issue.  That will change this November when we go to the polls to vote on Initiative 26--also known as the Personhood referendum.  There are very few issues that inflame emotions like that of abortion and the question of when life actually begins.  If Mississippi passes Initiative 26 it will put our state in direct conflict with Roe v. Wade and most likely end up in the Supreme Court.  That is where pro-life supporters believe that Roe v. Wade will finally be defeated.  If Mississippi doesn't pass the Personhood Initiative then it will not likely pass in other states, thus dealing a major blow to the pro-life movement.

We urge you to vote your convictions on this very important referendum.  If you believe that life begins at conception and that the unborn have undeniable rights you should vote for Initiative 26.  On the other hand, if you believe that women have the right to chose and denying that right infringes on their personal liberties you would vote against the Personhood Initiative.

I'm Jim Cameron with today's Viewpoint.  Next we will look at the referendum on Voter ID.  Let us hear from you.