A "Making Strides Moment" with two local breast cancer survivors

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Emily Brannon and Mickie Anglin are breast cancer survivors. Brannon, a Petal resident and Anglin, who is from Mount Olive were both treated at Forrest General Hospital's Cancer Center.

Emily Brannon explained her survival story by describing how she learned of her breast cancer diagnosis.

Brannon said, "In March of 2010, I actually was doing a self exam and that is how I found a lump in my right breast. I wasn't too terribly concerned about it because I had two benign tumors removed previous to that."

Even so, Brannon had the lump examined. It turned out she had a common form of breast cancer that was detected at an early stage.

"About two days before I found the lump I had actually gotten a card in the mail that said it was time for my yearly mammogram. So the lesson that I think everybody can take from my story is don't ignore the yearly screenings," explained Brannon.

Brannon, who is a busy working mother of three tackled her cancer by having surgery, chemotherapy and a re-construction operation. Her last treatment was in September 2010 and she has been cancer free ever since.

Last November, Mickie Anglin learned she had breast cancer after her very first mammogram. Following a closer examination, Anglin received the diagnosis.

According to Anglin, "They called me back on that Monday on the 22nd of November before Thanksgiving. And you see in the movies and stuff where they give you bad news and your knees just buckle, well it happens."

Anglin had an operation and began her cancer treatment right before Christmas 2010. Her last treatment was in March of this year. She credits her loving husband, children and church family with helping her to endure the difficult battle.

She said, "It's a lot tougher on the family too than some people think and of course you want to stay strong for your children. And you know, I didn't want them to see Mommy hurt and I didn't want them to see Mommy with no hair, so you have a lot that you go through."

But on the bright side, Anglin's post treatment tests have showed no cancer. Both Anglin and Brannon are now getting their "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" teams together to help find a cure for the illness that has impacted both of their lives.

On October 29th, the American Cancer Society is hosting their third annual "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk" in Hattiesburg. Registration starts at 8 AM and the walk kicks off at 9.

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