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"Vampire facelifts" in vogue

Whether you're into the Twilight movie saga, or a fan of the hit series True Blood, you probably know that vampire are very in vogue these days.

But, vampires aren't the only ones who want to suck your blood. Plastic surgeons are doing it now, too – in a clinical setting, of course.

A patient's blood is the key component of a new anti-aging system called selphyl, because it helps the body stimulate its own collagen.

Dr. Jonathan Kaplan just recently started offering selphyl to patients who want to reverse the effects of aging on their faces.

Unlike other cosmetic fillers, selphyl treatment requires a centrifuge to literally spin out the part of the blood necessary to do the procedure. The results are visible almost immediately.

"It's a lot like a balloon, if you fill the balloon in [one] area, as it volumizes, it pulls the lower part of the face up with it," explains Dr. Kaplan.

The effect is what reduces wrinkles and gives the patient a result similar to that of a regular facelift.

Patients who get selphyl injections generally continue to see improvement for a period of two to eight weeks. But, it doesn't last forever. To maintain that immortal, vampire glow, a person will need to get selphyl treatment every 18 months.

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