Leadership Pinebelt members says recycling can work for city

HATTIESBURG,MS (WDAM)-  During Monday night's meeting managers from Waste Pro of Hattiesburg and Sumrall spoke of how "Curb Side Recycling" will work for the city.

"We will be responsible for distributing the 18 gallon bins for the recycling. Educating the public on what to do, what goes into the bins, what does not go into the bins. Our primary function here in recycling is we will do the pick up," said Reggie Collier, Division Manager at Waste Pro of Hattiesburg.

The plan sounds feasible enough, but some residents feel they are being nickel and dimed by the $1.74 charge to water meters. Also larger apartment units will not need the service due to private carriers. One citizens spoke of worry for those who have limited income. Hattiesburg City Council President Kim Bradley says he understands.

"Anytime you put a charge on someone like this for a program like this there are people that you are going to be put out. We need to find a way where it is not a burden on everyone. I don't know exactly what that answer is today," said Bradley.

Despite the protest of some, there are those who feel implementing the recycling program is past due.

"The city had been derailed several times on this project over ten years in the past," said Roman Galey, member of Leadership Pinebelt 2011.

Leadership Pinebelt saw a need, and started the "Kick it to the Curb" initiative. This group did the research and leg work to help the city develop the program. Galey says 30% participation would make this work.

"I say success is 30%. It will truly show others that this thing works. I think that they will see this is a good thing, and more and more will get on board," said Galey.

On board or not, curb side recycling may be kicked to the curb if it is not approved by the council.

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