A new JCJC club aims to help Jones County stay beautiful

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - Jones County Junior College already has a recycling program in place, but a new club on campus called the ecoBobcats is hoping to increase participation.

The ecoBobcats are made up of about ninety students that are concerned about their environment. Not only do they encourage recycling, but they also educate the campus community about initiatives like composting and energy efficiency.

For about two years, JCJC has been recycling in partnership with the company, Sumrall Recycling. Twice a week that company visits the campus to pick up recyclables to be processed.

Bins are placed in each classroom on the JCJC campus to make recycling items easy and accessible. Thomas Roney is President of the ecoBobcats club.

According to Roney, "It's becoming more popular now that we are making it more aware to the students, to our peers about recycling. About putting the bottles and the cans and the paper in the recycling bins and not putting them in the trash can because it's convenient."

At Saturday's October 15th Homecoming football game, the club will be collecting aluminum cans to be recycled. The ecoBobcats will use those profits to buy educational materials to explain recycling to school kids. The home football game starts at 3 PM.

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