Remembrance Day held for Devon Byrd/Wade White

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The family and friends of two Forrest County teenagers killed in an oil tank explosion 2 years ago gathered to remember them Saturday afternoon. Dozens of people came to the Byrd home in the McLaurin Community for a "Remembrance Day" for Devon Byrd and Wade White.

The 2 teens were killed when an oil tank exploded on Halloween of 2009.

Many of Devon Byrd's classmates were among the visitors who took part in games and various outdoor activities during the gathering. They say having fun is the best way to remember their friend.

"They were really great people with awesome families," said William Landrum, who was Devon Byrd's classmate. "They were a big part of our lives and we'll never forget them," Landrum said.

"He was a funny guy and he liked to have fun, so I'm sure he's up there watching us, laughing," said Erin Sumrall, who also went to school with Devon Byrd.

Meanwhile, efforts to prevent similar tragedies from happening are ongoing.

Last year, the Forrest County Board of Supervisors adopted an ordinance requiring perimeter fencing and other safety measures at all oil and gas sites in the county. That ordinance has been challenged in Forrest County Circuit Court and a ruling is expected soon.

Also, state senator Billy Hudson is scheduled to meet with the Mississippi Oil and Gas Board on monday. He hopes members will agree to voluntarily require perimeter fencing at all oil and gas sites in the state.

He says if they refuse, he'll introduce legislation in January requiring that they do so.

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